Established 1964

The Southern California Chihuahua Club

Welcomes you to our website

We appreciate your interest in our Club and in our breed. Our meetings are held in
Corona, CA, but we have members from all of Southern California as well as out of
The SCCC promotes purebred chihuahuas through the following objectives:

1. We encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Chihuahuas and
do all possible to bring their natural qualities as close as possible to the breed

2. We urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as set by the
Chihuahua Club of America and approved by The American Kennel Club as the only
standard of excellence by which Chihuahuas shall be judged.

3. We do all in our power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to
encourage sportsmanlike behavior at dog shows and any official event.

4. We help educate the public and present ourselves favorably to the public, conduct
sanctioned matches and licensed specialty shows under the rules of The American
Kennel Club and any other event for which the club is eligible under the Rules and

5. We promote the general welfare of all Chihuahuas.
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Chihuahua Club and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written
permission of the Southern California Chihuahua Club.
American Kennel Club
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Sept  11
at the Golden orral
Lake  Elsinore
Congratulations to
Kathy  for Harry winning the
Top Twenty People’s Choice
Award at the CCA Specialty in
St. Louis, Missouri!     Way to
go, Harry!
:  “We members of The Southern California Chihuahua Club
donate food and make every effort to comfort lost animals by
frequently donating clean, but used, beds, bowls, sheets, blankets,
towels, dish towels, washcloths,…anything that can comfort and
keep an animal off the cold steel floors."
We are proud to say that all three of our girls of age (old
enough to be certified) have passed Patella, heart and eye
examinations and are now CHIC certified! We are still waiting
on Mia's paper even though she has been issued her CHIC #
on OFA. It has always been important for me to breed sound
dogs, but now more than ever I felt like going the extra mile.
We as breeders do not have things easy. The Animal rights
are chomping at the bit to end all breeding not just backyard
breeders and puppy mills. They will stop at nothing. I believe
health testing is a way we can start making a separation
between us and those breeding for solely for profit. It is a
way of proving we have done due diligence and are breeding
for betterment. The problem I am finding is that it is hard to
find a health tested studs. I am hoping more breeders will  

June 12 at 9:54 PM
To my friends who don’t show dogs: if you support an animal charity,
please do your research. Many people erroneously think that groups
such as PETA and HSUS are groups who support animal welfare. They
do not. They are AR (animal "rights") groups who want to end the
ownership of all pets. Please be aware of where you are sending your
Just this weekend PETA was out at a Vallejo California dog show
releasing dogs from crates, so they wouldn’t be ‘slaves’ to their
owners. Little did they care that they were close to major roads and
would very likely be killed or starve. They were also unplugging
motorhomes so the dogs inside would die from overheating. These
people were caught and arrested and all dogs were recovered,
fortunately. ‘Better dead than bred’ is one of their rallying cries, and
these zealot groups believe animals would rather die a horrible,
painful death than "suffer" a lifetime as a human's pet.
Should you support these groups, this is the behavior you endorse.
Removing their funding is a way to eliminate or curb this behavior.
Knowledge is indeed power.
Please know where you are sending your money, and donate and
support your local Humane Societies and shelters